The Bender Beast $10.99
The largest pretzel in captivity. Feeds small armies. Choose three dipping sauces: Buffalo, honey mustard, spicy mustard, salted caramel, hazelnut chocolate, spicy cheese or Mexi queso.

+ Bowl of House Made Buffalo Chicken Dish $3.99

Fried Pickles $6.99
Lightly breaded spears, spicy chipotle ranch

Chicken Tenders Basket* $8.99
Four tenders, plain or buffalo, french fries and choice of dipping sauce

Poutine $7.99
Crispy fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds, smothered in brown gravy

Chicken Quesadilla $8.99
Flour tortilla, Mexican chicken, cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream

Pulled Pork Sliders $7.99
Two pork sliders topped with American cheese and served with French fries

Onion Rings $7.29
Beer battered & fried, chipotle ranch

Stadium Pretzel $3.99
With spicy mustard
+ Add Hot Queso  $0.99

Mozzarella Sticks $6.99
An American classic, fried and true. Say cheese and smile. Served with marinara sauce

Chili Cheese Fries
Piled high and smothered in green chili, topped with cheese, scallions and sour cream
Small  $5.99
Large  $7.99

Double Slider $4.59
Two beef patties topped with American cheese, with fries

White Cheddar Cheese Curds $7.99
Wisconsin style cheese curds, choice of ranch, brown gravy or marinara (try them cajun)

Reuben Egg Rolls
Reuben stuffed & split egg rolls with 1000 island
Small (2)  $5.79
Large (3)  $7.99


Choice of dressing: blue cheese, chipotle ranch, honey mustard, 1000 island, caesar, italian, balsamic vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, fat free ranch

House or Caesar Salad
Small $4.59
Large $7.59
Salmon* $7.99
Chicken* $4.99
Make It A Wrap $0.99

The Italian $9.99
Romaine lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, black olives, pepperoncini, mozzarella and pepperoni
Add Salmon* $7.99
Chicken* $4.99

Caprese $7.99
Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, balsamic glaze, basil pesto

Buffalo Chicken Salad* $10.99
Romaine lettuce with spicy buffalo chicken tenders, red onion, tomato & blue cheese crumbles
Make It A Wrap $0.99


French Onion Soup $4.99
Swiss cheese & croutons

Vegetarian Green Chili
Topped with cheese, served with a warm flour tortilla
Cup $5.49
Bowl $6.49

Pork Green Chili
Topped with cheese, served with a warm flour tortilla
Cup $5.49
Bowl $6.49

Chili Con Carne
Topped with cheese and green onions, served with warm garlic focaccia bread
Cup $5.49
Bowl $6.49


Chips & Salsa $3.99
Guacamole $1.49

Team Nachos $14.99
Tortilla chips topped with green chili, black beans, cheese, black olives, tomatoes, jalapeños, green onions & salsa
+Add Guacamole or Sour Cream $1.29
+Add Chicken* or Beef* $3.99
House Made Spicy Cheese . $2.99

Spicy Queso**
Queso Only . $6.99
+Add Mexi-Beef* or Chicken* . $2.99

Individual Nachos $8.99
For the individual sport enthusiast
+Add Chicken* or Beef* $2.99
House Made Spicy Cheese $2.99

Irish Nachos**
Thick cut potato chips topped with cheese, bacon, tomatoes and green onions, drizzled with buttermilk ranch
Small $5.99
Regular $8.99
Team $14.99


Best Wings in Westminster. Includes fries, carrots, celery & choice of dipping sauce.

Traditional or Boneless
Don’t forget to add your favorite sauce. Medium buffalo, hot buffalo, BBQ, BBQ gold, chipotle gold, thai, inferno, smoky chipotle BBQ, pineapple habanero
Small $8.99
Large $13.99
+Smoked $1.00


Additional Toppings: pepperoni, italian sausage, chicken, canadian bacon, bacon, jalapeño, black olives, green pepper, mushrooms, red onion, roasted red peppers, spinach, vine ripe tomatoes, pineapple

Cheese Pizza
Marinara or Olive Oil
10″ $9.99
16″ $12.99
+Additional Toppings 10″ (Ea) $0.99
+Additional Toppings 16″ (Ea) $1.29

Chicken Alfredo
White sauce, fried chicken, mozzarella cheese, scallions, sliced pepperoncini with a garlic butter crust
10″ $14.99
16″ $19.99

Cryin’ Hawaiian
Ham, pepperoni, pineapple, roasted red peppers & fresh jalapenos drizzled with Buffalo wing sauce
10″ $15.99
16″ $20.99

Five for Fighting**
Canadian bacon, pepperoni, italian sausage, roasted red peppers, onions & mozzarella
10″ $14.99
16″ $19.99

Buffalo Chicken & Ranch
Buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, cheese blend, tomatoes, green onions & drizzled with buttermilk ranch
10″ $14.99
16″ $19.99

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto & balsamic glaze
10″ $13.99
16″ $18.99

Canadian bacon, pineapple & cilantro
10″ $14.99
16″ $19.99


Sub a grilled chicken breast or a vegetarian BOCA BurgerAll burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of French fries, Cajun fries, curly fries or coleslaw. American, blue, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack or mozzarella $0.50 Ea.; Grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, green chilies $0.89 Ea.; Bacon, guacamole, fried egg $1.29 Ea.

Black ‘N’ Blue* $10.99
Half pound blackened burger, grilled onions, mushrooms & bleu cheese crumbles

Mushroom & Swiss* $10.99
Half pound Colorado beef with sautéed mushrooms & melted Swiss cheese

BBQ Burger* $10.99
American & cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon & onion rings with smoky BBQ sauce

B.Y.O.B. $9.49
+American, bleu, cheddar, Swiss, pepperjack or mozzarella $0.59
+Grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, green chilies $0.99
Bacon, guacamole, fried egg $1.59

Southwest Cheesesteak*  $10.59
Shaved rib eye, roasted green chilies, onions, peppers, pepperjack & chipotle ranch
Make it a BOCA $0.99

Bender’s BBQ Pork $10.59
Smoked pulled pork topped with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese & an onion ring, served with slaw & pickles

Grilled Cheese $9.99
Toasted focaccia bread with grilled cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, sliced tomato, & green chilies

Chili Chesseburger* $10.99
Half-pound Colorado beef topped with house made chili con carne & spicy cheese sauce

Mexi Burger* $10.99
Pepperjack cheese, green chilies, pico & guacamole

Russian Reuben** $10.59
Shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 island, swiss cheese on grilled black rye (or sub turkey)

Bender’s Cheesesteak* $10.59
Shaved rib eye, grilled onions, peppers & American cheese on a soft Amorosa roll
+Make it a BOCA $0.99

Spicy Chicken $10.59
Grilled chicken breast on toasted focaccia bread, marinated in Italian dressing, topped with a spicy Aioli sauce, melted pepper jack cheese, lettuce & tomato
+Bacon . $1.49

All Day Breakfast Philly $10.59
Our signature breakfast entrée. Philly cheesesteak with eggs, hash browns, green chili, grilled onions, green peppers & American cheese on an Amoroso roll. Served with hashbrowns

Honey Turkey Bavarian** $10.59
Swiss cheese, bacon & honey mustard on a pretzel roll with lettuce, onions & tomatoes


Killian’s Fish and Chips* $10.99
Hand beer battered fish filets, served with fries & slaw

Signature Salmon $14.99
Seared salmon with a balsamic glaze with choice of two sides: baked potato, steamed broccoli, small house or Caesar salad, French fries

Ziti $6.99
Served with garlic bread and your choice of sauce: Marinara, alfredo, pesto or chipotle alfredo
+Italian sausage $2.99
+Chicken* $4.99
+ Salmon or blackened salmon $7.99

Baked Potato
Stuff it with broccoli & cheese $5.99
Stuff it with philly meat, american cheese, peppers & onions $8.99

Smackin’ Mac & Cheese $8.99
Made with three cheeses and served with garlic bread
+ Grilled, breaded, Buffalo or blackened chicken* $4.99
+ Italian sausage $3.99

All Day Breakfast Burrito $8.59
Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese & hash browns in a tortilla, smothered with green chili & pico


Basket of Fries
French fries $2.99
Cajun fries $3.49
Curly fries $3.49
Tots $3.99

Steamed Broccoli $2.99

Cole Slaw $2.79

Ceaser Salad $4.59

House Salad $4.59

Baked Potato $2.99

Veggie Basket $2.99


Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie A La Mode $5.99
A huge cookie, fresh out of the oven, with a mound of ice cream, topped off with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Lava Cake $6.29
Our fresh out of the oven cake is topped off with ice cream, chocolate sauce and Heath bar bits

Home-Made Mile Shake $3.99
Topped off with whipped cream and a cherry

Bannan Split $4.79
An American Classic

Ice Cream Sundae $3.99
Three scoops of the sweet stuff with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce with whipped cream and a cherry

Root Beer or Orange Float $3.99

Dessert of the Week $4.99
Ask your server about our latest and greatest sweet sensation


Monday: Cheese Sliders
3 for $3.99

$2.00 Off Wings
Chilli Digs $2.00

Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sliders
Free pool, first drink free, 15 percent off for service industry employees nigh
3 for $3.99

Thursday: Trivia
7 p.m.